Completed Ph.D. and Dr.Sn. thesis


Fedotov A.I. (Kazan branch of MPEI) Dr.Sn.
Discrete methods of analysis of synchronous electric machines with rectified excitation systems.


Martynov V.A. (Ivanovo Univ.) Dr.Sn
Theory of transient processes in electric machines, its numerical analysis and models.
Medvedev V.T. (MPEI) Dr.Sn
Increasing safety and comfort by reducing vibroacoustic pollutions.
Karaulov V.N. (Ivanovo Univ.) Ph.D.
Development of mathematical model of electromagnetic processes in special salient-pole synchronous generators with unbalanced and rectified load.
Teslenko O.A. (MPEI) Ph.D.
Simulation of rectified load generators with small number of slots per pole per phase.
Vildanov K.Y. (VZSI) Dr.Sn.
Edge induction integral motors.


Korobkov S.A. (MPEI) Ph.D.
Electromagnetic transients in 3-phase transformer-converter voltage stabilazers with capacitive smoothing filters.
Lukashenko S.V. (Ivanovo Univ.) Ph.D.
Development of mathematical model and calculation algorithms for thermal analysis of transformers.
Chjou Litsiun (China) Ph.D.
Design of hydrogenerators for flood power plants.


Nora Mamani Vilarde (Peru) Ph.D.
Analysis of single-phase induction motors with steel start winding in transient and steady-state conditions.
Makarova A.V. (VEI) Ph.D.
Generalized method of optimized design of transformers and reactors with rectangular cores.
Bykovsky V.V. (Orenburg Univ.) Ph.D.
Development of single-phase commutator motor with iron powder core.
Cadavid ramires hector (Columbia) Ph.D.
Magnetic field and short-circuit strength of distribution transformers.