Here is the list of current research fields,
which could be performed at the Department of Electromechanics.

  1. Research and analysis of transient heating processes in induction motors including the following:
    • development of thermal models with different levels of complexity;
    • refining of the thermal parameters determination methods;
    • development of method, algorithm and software for transient losses caculation, especially iron core losses at non-sinusoidal magnetic field variations in electric machine;
    • calculation of losses, heating, efficiency of induction motors fed from frequency converters.
  2. Analysis and development of methods and arrangements for reactive power compensation (power factor conditioner) for induction motors, power networks and electric drives.
  3. Development of induction motor modifications for multi-functional frequency-controlled electric drives, including the following:
    • account for high-order harmonics at losses, noise, vibration and heating calculation;
    • overvoltages at PWM-control, electromagnetic compatability of motor and drive circuit;
    • account for converter type and control method at induction motor design;
    • design optimization.
  4. Development of induction motors for frequent dynamic conditions including the following:
    • rotor heating calculation at heavy duty starting and reversing;
    • transient analysis with computer simulation;
    • account for arbitrary load variations;
    • design optimization for heavy duty operating conditions.
  5. Development of special electric machines (draft design) including the following:
    • permanent magnet motors and generators (including unconventional power sources);
    • linear and edge machines including embedded drive;
    • reluctance (including SRD), electronicaly switched, inductor machines, etc..
  6. Development of methods of electromagnetic, hydraulic and thermal analysis of submersed electric drives with switched and induction motors with forced cooling and high power density.
  7. Design and optimization of induction squirrel cage motors for submersive pump drives.
  8. High accuracy calculations of steady-state and transient conditions of synchronous, asynchronous and switched electric drives based on Tooth Contour method including the following:
    • software for analysis of salient-pole and non-salient-pole synchronous motors and generators with parallel or autonomous load (including rectified load and invertor fed motors);
    • transient analysis of multi-speed induction motors while taking into account switching processes;
    • transient and steady-state analysis of switched electric drives while taking into account mutial affect of motor and inverter.
  9. Mathematical simulation of synchronous and asynchronous electromagnetic torques and vibroacoustic forces in induction motors while taking into account current distribution in the rotor winding bars.
  10. Mathematical simulation of technological disperse for single-phase and three-phase induction motors.
  11. Three-phase induction motor with unbalanced winding and increased efficiency.
  12. Development of single-phase motors for domestic appliancies, electric tool, etc. including the following:
    • motors with two-phase winding;
    • motors with three-phase winding fed from single-phase mains;
    • special controlled three-phase motors fed from single-phase mains through converter without phase-shifting elements.
  13. Electric machines testing, repair and retrofit including electric machines for non-conventional power sources.
  14. Non-conventional power sources; optimization of electric machines with variable load; development of efficient scheme of electric machine and transformer repair; special electric machines.

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