Completed graduate projects (Master of Science)


Benusef Faisa
Software package for repair and retrofit of induction motors with rated power from several W to 100 kW.
Supervisor - Professor V.Y. Bespalov
Srhir Kasem
Frequency control of single-phase induction motor having 2 stator windings which is driven from single-phase mains.
Supervisor - Professor V.Y. Bespalov
Merenkov D.V.
Analysis and Synthesis of sinusoidal windings.
Supervisor - Associated Professor G.A. Semenchukov
Zaharova M.N.
Development of the laboratory kit for mathematical simulation of electric machine transients.
Supervisor - Associated Professor Y.A. Moshchinsky


Frolov I.E.
Analysis and calculation of losses in the switched reluctance motors.
Supervisor - Professor V.A. Kuznetsov
Kiseleva M.M.
Optimization of the phase-shifting elements and characteristics of single-phase induction motors.
Supervisor - Associated Professor Y.A. Moshchinsky
Malafeev A.V.
Research of three-phase induction motors with excentricity.
Supervisor - Senior Lecturer V.I. Goncharov
Petrichenko D.A.
Firmware for remote control of electromechanical transducers.
Supervisor - Associated Professor V.D. Cherny
Haustov A.V.
Retrofit of software package of induction capacitor motors analysis.
Supervisor - Professor I.L. Osin


Tashlitsky M.M.
Frequency-controled capacitor motor.
Supervisor - Professor V.Y. Bespalov
Diallo Amadu Sadio
Evolution of analysis methods for the salient-pole synchronous hydro-turbine generators.
Supervisor - Professor A.V. Ivanov-Smolenskii
Matveev A.V.
Common theory of electromechanical enegry conversion. Analysis of switched reluctance drive.
Supervisor - Professor V.A. Kuznetsov