Professors of our Department teach students of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Power Engineering and Faculty of Electronics, MPEI. Our professors prepare bachelors on the school of " Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics and Electrical Technology", which can complete their education in different specialities including electromechanics.

Laboratories of our depertment.

Our professors teach lectures, excercises, and practical training on the following basic courses:

  • Electric Machines;
  • Information Technologies;
  • Mathematical Simulation in Electrical Engineering;
  • Electronic Devices of Electromechanical Systems;
  • Electromagnetic Analysis;
  • Basis of Technical Calculations in Electromechanics;
  • Non-symmetrical and Transient Processes in Electric Machines;
  • Microprocessor Devices;
  • Special Electromechanics.

Besides that our Department has the following courses for M.Sn. and Engineer students:

  • Electrical Machines for Domestic Appliances;
  • Single-Phase Induction Motors;
  • Engineering Design and CAD Systems;
  • Reliability of Electromechanical Systems;
  • Technology of Electrical Machinery;
  • Testing, Maintenance and Repair of Electric Machines;
  • Universal Methods of Fields and Processes Calculation in Electric Machines;
  • Electric Machines for Automatic Devices;
  • Special Electric Machines;
  • Microprocessor Devices for Electrical Engineering;
  • Heat, Hydraulic and Aerodynamic Processes in Electric Machines;
  • Space Electromechanics;
  • Control and Regulation for Electromechanical Systems;
  • AC Superconducting Electromechanical Devices;
  • Vibro-acoustics and Reliability;
  • New Information Technologies;
  • Transformer-Semiconductor Power Supply for Electromechanical Systems;
  • Geoelectromechanics;
  • Permanent Magnet Electric Machines.