Department of Electromechanics is one of the oldest and biggest departments of MPEI. It was founded in 1932 by academician Shenfer K.I. Up to 1988 it was called the Department of Electric Machines. Our Department is the basic institute in the system of higher education of this country - it is the center of scientific and methodological research, increasing skills of other university's professors, preparing research engineers of higher qualification. Our professors have written all the basic textbooks in the field of electric machines theory and technology, which are used in Russian universities. Some of these textbooks were translated into other languages.
Our graduates had research and practical training in the universities and companies of Great Britain, USA, Germany, Canada, China, Holland and Norway. Our professors teach courses in the universities of USA, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Nigeria and Algeria. The head of our department Sn.D., professor Kuznetsov V.A. is a professor of the Wisconsin University (Madison, USA). Among well known professors who work now or worked at our department before are Sn.D., academician Shenfer K.I.; Sn.D., associate member of USSR Academy of Science professor Petrov G.N.; Sn.D., professor Kopylov I.P.; Sn.D., professor Sergeev P.S.; Sn.D., professor Ivanov-Smolenskii A.V.